Cosdel international has a proven record of being a reliable source to the international business community

Welcome TO Cosdel

Transporting historic, rare and collectible automobiles across the world, Cosdel brings peace of mind to our clients worldwide. Established in the 1960s, today we are a leader in the relocation and shipment of high value vehicles.

Our comprehensive service takes care of every aspect of transportation from initial collection to final delivery, including freight documentation and all custom brokerage services. We can also manage financial transactions and paperwork related to international purchases. .

More than a half century handling some of the world's most valuable automobiles has taught us exactly what a client expects. Our logistics knowledge and cutting-edge technology means we are perfectly qualified to more than meet expectations, which is why our client base proudly comprises leading auction houses, the most exclusive car events, together with the world's leading private collectors and investors.

In short, Cosdel take the stress, so you don't have to.

Our Services


With a business built on experience, service and proven results, Cosdel takes the hassle out of shipping the world's most sought-after cars.

Our state-of-the-art technology keeps a tight control on movements, while our experienced team makes sure everything runs to the agreed schedule, ensuring a trouble-free journey by air, sea and road.

Plus, with our fully comprehensive, door-to-door quotes, there will be no unexpected charges post agreement.


Air - Through a network of global agents and local offices Cosdel ensures every car is securely shipped to and from any destination around the world

Sea - With specialist loading and unloading facilities throughout the world, we make sure your car is looked after every step of the way. Ocean services provided by Martin E. Button, LLC dba Cosdel, FMC No. 16690F.

Road - Using specialist transporters we make sure your car is delivered to its final destination in perfect shape, on schedule and ready to go

Events -Our services are widely used to deliver high value vehicles to some of the world's most prestigious car shows, races and rallies

Storage - We can arrange secure, temperature controlled storage on a short term or longer term basis as required

Banking - Our Secure Auto Exchange Service is designed to remove the risks and worry of international automobile sales and purchases

Customs consultancy - our vast experience in the import and export of high value automobiles ensures we can manage all your customs needs


The movement of classic and collectible cars across international borders can be both stressful and time-consuming.

Our vast experience in this field is invaluable when it comes to finding the best path through a minefield of customs procedures.

As a licensed customs broker, we can take care of all necessary paperwork, whether it be a temporary (such as for a car show) or a permanent move.

We offer a comprehensive service from pick-up to delivery including:

  • Temporary Import and Export Options for UK, US and countries worldwide

  • All forms associated with  DOT and EPA clearance

  • All paperwork associated with HMRC

  • Export licensing requirements

  • On-site bonded warehouse storage

auto exchange


Cosdel International Transportation is a seasoned international shipping company specializing in the transport of high-value automobiles worldwide.

The company is known and respected internationally for its reliable customer service and sensitivity to client privacy and confidentiality.

Since 1987, Martin E. Button, LLC. has shipped over $3 billion worth of classic automobiles by both air and ocean for many of the world's best-known collectors, dealers, and auction houses including: RM Auctions, Bonhams, Gooding and Co, Christies, Sothebys, and the Blackhawk Collection.

The last thing you need when importing or exporting is paperwork hassles, right? No problem. We complete all the necessary paperwork to clear your automobile through U.S. Customs. And our extensive experience in the international transportation of automobiles enables us to be proactive in the Customs clearance process, so you don't experience any surprises.

In keeping with our long track record of providing excellent auto related services, we have established the Secure Auto Exchange Service". This service is in direct response to the huge growth of automobile sales on the web and the increased marketing of fine automobiles internationally. This service allows individuals to participate in the purchase and sale of automobiles on a domestic and international level without the usual worries and risks of working with unfamiliar individuals.

No longer will individuals have to ask the following questions:

  • When does money change hands?

  • When do I send my automobile?

  • What if I send my automobile, and the money never arrives?

  • What if I transfer the funds, and the automobile never arrives?

    With Secure Auto Exchange Service you eliminate all of these transaction worries. We control the documents, transfer of purchase funds, and shipping of the automobile. And only when all conditions of the written transaction agreement have been fulfilled, do we consummate the exchange. Please feel free to contact us about your individual needs.


    Be aware of scam and fraud


    C - tpat

    The following types of companies in the U.S.A. are eligible to become C-TPAT Certified:

    • U.S. Importers
    • U.S. Exporters
    • U.S. Customs Brokers
    • U.S./Canada Cross Border Highway Carriers
    • U.S./Mexico Cross Border Highway Carriers
    • Third Party Logistics (3PLs) Providers
    • U.S. Marine Port Authorities and Terminal Operators
    • Foreign Marine Port Authorities and Terminal Operators
    • Air Carriers
    • Rail Carriers
    • Sea Carriers
    • Air Freight Consolidators

    benefits of c - tpat compliance

    • Reduced time and cost of getting cargo released
    • Reduced insurance rates
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Mutual Recognition (PIP) Partners In Protection, (EU AEO), European Union Authorized Economic Operator & (WCO) World Customs Organizations SAFE Framework
    • Eligibility for FAST Lane Program
    • Assigned C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Specialist

    did you know?

    • How frequently ships are inspected:
      • C-TPAT Compliant: 1 in 6.5
      • NON C-TPAT Compliant: 1 in 1.4